Donut Hike

Today you, Mommy, and Daddy decided to go on a hike.  This is the first time Daddy has ever done such a thing.  Mommy scouted out hike trails and found one just across the street from the Phoenix Zoo…and it was stroller-friendly.  We got up that Saturday morning, got our water bottles filled, put on sunscreen, and made the 30 minute drive out there…after making a stop at Dunkin Donuts.  It had a really small parking lot and Daddy was afraid we weren’t going to find a spot, but we did within about 5 minutes.  Once parked, we got to eatin’.  You had a sprinkled donut while Mommy and Daddy had toasted bagels.

Then we got out and tried to find the path.  It wasn’t necesarilly labeled, so we had to use the GPS on Google Maps to make sure we were going in the right direction.  Once we passed what looked like a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign, we found the path and started walking around.  Daddy pushed you in your stroller and while it was sunny, you had your pink sunglasses on, enjoying the sun.  Since we were so close to the airport, we watched several airplanes take off, almost 60 seconds apart sometimes.  We took pictures of some cool mountains and saw some cactus, but we didn’t touch it.

We all had a great time getting out.  Mommy did great with getting out of the house and suggesting we all do this.  It was a great and fun idea!
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