Stunning Glasses Girl

Today you got your glasses. We went to see an eye doctor a couple of weeks ago about your left eye turning in (lazy eye) and he suggested glasses to help correct the issue. We ordered your glasses then, and they came in today.
Since you didn’t have your eyes dilated on your first visit, we had to dilate them today. I held you in my arms like you were a baby again and you didn’t expect anything at first, but once the doctor dropped the first drop on your right eye, you knew something was different. You of course got upset and started to resist and cry, but only for a short time. After the second eye got drops, I held you close and told you it was all done. You calmed down rather quick which was good so that you didn’t cry out the drops. You did REALLY good.
We spent some time playing with a train set in the toy room waiting for your eyes to dilate then we got to put on your new glasses. You had been waiting a while for them and repeatedly told both Mommy and I, “I can’t wait for glasses”. You love your new purple glasses.
In an effort to show you that glasses are cool, and to promote wearing them for 100% of the day, Mommy and Daddy got glasses too. You don’t know this now, but they’re clear (fake) lens glasses, just for show. We’re hoping that by you seeing us wear glasses all day, you’ll know to wear them all day too.
You did an amazing job at the doctor’s office. I knew the dilation wouldn’t be easy, but I didn’t envision you pulling through so perfectly. You are so brave and so strong, Lauren. I’m so proud of you and Mommy and I love you so much!

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