You’re a big girl!

Lauren, you’re turning 2 years old in just a few days. You’re getting so big, so smart, and so independent. You’re eating with a fork and spoon (plastic for now because you like to bite metal ones), you now sleep in a toddler bed, you use your potty chair, you use your words, and you hate sippy cups and for us to break apart your food.

I learned the hard way today when I gave you a cookie and broke it up into chunks. You started crying and when I gave you a whole cookie you cheered up and said “tay too” (thank you).

You take showers with mommy and love the water. No more bath time.

You’re doing GREAT with the toddler bed. The first few nights Mommy and Daddy learned our lesson as we started stripping your room of anything you may play with (toys, books, wipes, diapers). You stay in your room and sleep the whole night. When you wake up, you open your bedroom door and greet Mommy and I in bed…usually still sleeping since you like getting up as soon as the sun starts coming up.

But wait, tonight was different. Tonight Mommy and I put you to bed and said good night and a few minutes later you opened your door and repeatedly said “pah poo” (poo poo) while pointing at your crotch. At first I was like “What? I just put you to bed.” We removed your diaper to find it dry. “Do you need to go to the bathroom?” I said. You said “yeah” and we went to the bathroom, I sat you down on your potty chair and YOU POOPED! This is AMAZING because you knew you had to poop, you opened your door and told us, and we went to the bathroom and pooped! You’re doing FANTASTIC with potty training and we’re so close to moving you back into underwear…we just have to find the right kind that doesn’t give you skin irritation.

I love you so much, Lauren and you’re doing so well with growing up to be a big girl. MUAH!!!!!